Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Imagine the impact we could make if every attorney in the state of Florida helped one pro bono client.  That single contribution could drastically reduce the enormous backlog of cases and significantly improve access to justice for all Florida residents.

Upon taking the oath at the beginning of a career in law each attorney makes a promise to “never reject the cause of the defenseless or oppressed or delay anyone’s cause for lucre or malice.” In October 2009 the Supreme Court’s Standing Committee on Pro Bono, led by Judge William Van Nortwick, launched the One Campaign which is committed to giving attorneys the opportunity to renew that promise.

The focus of the One Campaign is to engage more attorneys in providing pro bono legal services through their local legal aid programs by taking on ONE case. Put simply, the One Campaign speaks directly to the number one issue that many attorneys cite as an obstacle to providing pro bono legal services: time. Through the One Campaign attorneys are encouraged to take One case where they can utilize their unique skills to help regular citizens navigate the law. The One Campaign will also highlight both state and local opportunities that attorneys can take advantage of to provide these pro bono services.


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